The centuries-old cooperation and interaction between Italy and Turkey in commercial, cultural and social fields has left permanent works, from the spokespersons used in languages to the palate, from everyday life to the common works in law, economy and other fields. The common traces in architectural products have survived through the ages.

While many Turkish students study in Italy, Turkish universities host their guests from Italy. Meantime Italy is the most visited destination by Turks, Turkey hosts thousands of Italians every year.

In short, Italy and Turkey maintain their centuries-old relationship as two Mediterranean people who are “very similar to each other”.

Cultural rapprochement and communication are the two most important elements for the continuity and stability of this precious relationship. Being aware of this important responsibility, the Italian Friendship Association, with the thought and determination to build a “cultural bridge” that will connect the two capitals, It was established under the presidency and auspices of Cav. Avv. Musa TOPRAK.

Our Association, which has moved its work to an institutional basis in a short time, has established "Casa Italia", which has managed to reach the same level with other cultural centers in Ankara.

The success it has achieved as a non-profit, non-governmental organization encourages the Italian Friendship Association for new projects to be carried out in the future.

In this respect, we kindly ask you to follow our activities and share your opinions and suggestions with us.

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